Coleraine Classic Cars

Situated in an original 1940’s garage in the main street of Coleraine, a small town in Victoria’s western district, 360kms from Melbourne, Coleraine Classic Cars is a private collection of more than 60 vintage and […]

Musée d’épaves oldtimer Volkswagen

The Vollswrecks Bar & Museum (VWM) stands for ‘The People’s Wreck Museum’. The Volkswagen Oldtimer Museum was created in 2006, opened to the public on April 1, 2007 under the name of a non-profit association. […]

Fondation Renaud

Charles G. Renaud (1917-2006) was one of the first Swiss collectors of historic vehicles. In the beginning he preferred Italian sports cars from Bugatti. In the 1950s, Charles Renaud himself started car racing and also […]

National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) has a “Wow!” factor you don’t often find in a museum. You’ll see more than 200 eye-popping cars with authentic street scenes and sounds. The facades bring displays […]

Auto and Ethno Museum Filip, Krklino

Boris Tanevski and his Family invites you to Auto and Ethno Museum “Filip” in Krklino only 5km from Bitola!!! The Antique Museum “Filip” contains large collection of antique cars including: Simca Ariane from 1953, Opel […]

Pace Automobil Museum

PACE steht für “Performance And Car Education”. Auf mehreren Etagen geht es durch die Epochen des Automobils. Hier steht der Beginn der Massenfertigung neben der Zukunftsvision aus dem Designstudio.

The Ultimate Driving Museum

The BMW CCA Foundation Museum is the only independent automobile museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to everything BMW. We produce an annual exhibit of BMW automobiles and motorcycles, from the past and present, […]

Le Manoir de l’Automobile

The Manor of the Automobile and Old Trades of Lohéac Only thirty years ago, Breton manor was still a farm. It is difficult to imagine that instead of it, were once cows, pigs, chickens and […]

Trabant Museum Prague Motol

A complete history of Trabant car production, starting with the first predecessor of the Trabant, the AWZ P70 (1954), moving on to the Trabant P 60 (600) and Trabant 601 the most common and best-known […]

The Egged History Center

The Egged History Center presents more than 60 buses that have been lovingly collected, built and renovated, and which reflect nearly seventy years of public transport in Eretz Israel. A visit to the Egged History […]

Heritage Hub

The original building – built in the mid-1960s to house mechanical workshops dedicated to the production of transmission parts – was subjected to a careful conservation and restoration process that respected its industrial character, its […]

Automotive Museum Nafplias

Under the auspices of the Hellenic Federation of Vehicles of the Season (E.O.O.E.) operates the “Nafplio Automobile Museum” and is located in Nafplio, Argolida, in one of the most picturesque cities of the country that […]

Saurer Museum am See

Our museum, located in picturesque Arbon on Lake Constance in Switzerland, shows commercial vehicles, engines as well as embroidery and weaving machines of all generations that were manufactured in Arbon. You will see around 20 […]

Festungsmuseum Waldbrand

Experience a piece of contemporary history – visit the Fortress Festungsmuseum Waldbrand! The Waldbrand Fortress Museum in Beatenberg was not only one of the largest artillery works of the Swiss Army, but is now also […]


Not far from the former FBW factory halls, the FBW Museum was built in Wetzikon – located on the main road towards Uster – which opened its doors to the public for the first time […]

Energy Park

Who does not know them, the fascination for rarities from the early 20th century: elegant forms, precious materials, colors and sensuality – of course paired with technology that is still tangible and visible. So the […]

Fahrzeug-Museum Bäretswil

Automobiles from 1886 Motorcycles from 1921 Bicycles from 1883 Bicycles with auxiliary motors Tractors from 1917 Carriages from 1900 Aircraft: Mirage, helicopters and chirocopters Tank 68/88 many accessories of the past 100 years

Musée La Virée d’Antan

A car museum in Brassac-les-Mines, in the heart of Auvergne, where the originality is to function as an exhibition space. The vehicles are staged by theme or production period, and each season, 80% of the […]

Musée 1900

The Museum 1900 brings together thousands of objects or machines! 3700 items for all ages, extremely varied and in perfect condition, collected and restored by one man, Gaston Baron. This private museum is the work […]

Army Museum Bandiana

The Australian Army Museum Bandiana provides a leading-edge focus for the interpretation and display of Australia’s rich military heritage, with a special emphasis on the history of the Army’s Logistic Corps.

Ambulance Victoria Museum

The Ambulance Victoria Museum has an amazing car collection, with 18 vehicles for viewing. The museum has been developed and maintained voluntarily by retired ambulance officers and is a non-profit organization. You can also see […]

National Automobile Museum

A visit to the site will allow us to see how these mechanical devices have served for carrying people and goods around the world and have been one of the most important challenges of the […]

Musée de la 2 CV

Sedans, vans, limited editions, they are all there, from the oldest, a 2 CV AU (van) from 1952 to a 2 CV sedan from 1989 without forgetting a 2 CV “James Bond” facing a 2CV […]

De Wolfsburcht

The Wolfsburcht is the first and only museum for the Air-cooled Volkswagen in the Netherlands! Its aim is to take you into the history of the air-cooled Volkswagen and what went on in the world […]

Carel Wüst Museum

Around 55 cars are on display in the Carel Wüst Museum. The collection provides insight into the development of the automobile. From the Model T to Ferrari Testarossa and from the Mini to Rolls Royce. […]

Achterhoeks Oldtimer Museum

The now retired former garage owner from Varsseveld (Daihatsu Autobedrijf Veerbeek) has continued his interest in cars in the form of a private collection of oldtimers and classics, supplemented with some nostalgia, etc. and invites […]