Fiat Abarth 850 TC – 1978

Fiat Abarth 850 TC 1978, approx. 70 hp, Abarth T chassis

– Recently rebuilt Abarth TC 850
– Completely new undercarriage and suspension
– Roll cage, bucket seats, 3-point harness, stainless steel exhaust
– Cromodora Alu. rims

From day one, Abarth was associated with Fiat and most of their cars were based on Fiat mechanicals. Later they fitted upgrades for Fiat models. The bond was so close and strong that when Carlo Abarth wanted to sell his company there could only be one buyer: Fiat.
Introduced in the late 1960s, the 850 TC (Turismo Competizione) was based on a Fiat 600 body with a modified front end for the oil cooler and flared wheel arches for the larger wheels. The engine was an 848cc Fiat four-cylinder and produced 51 horsepower, which in itself is not much, but compared to the 28 horsepower of the 633cc which was its base, it is amazing power for such a small engine. Thanks to the combination of engine power and a light car, Abarths won hundreds of races around the world, often beating their rivals with much larger displacement and earning their reputation as “Giant Killers.” So great was their reputation that the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) tried to diminish the dominance of Alfred Cosentino and his team in FAZA, driving the newly developed 1000 TCR with “Radial” engine, by forcing them to use older engines. Despite this restriction, they still managed to win 51 out of 53 races, reinforcing Abarth’s reputation in the racing world.

This is a, recently rebuilt entirely with new Abarth parts, Abarth 850 TC. This car is in new condition. The cool body (Body) comes from a Zastava 750L (Fiat 600). This model is from 1978, but is based entirely on an Abarth 850 TC from the 1960s. There is not a single downside to this beauty. Red and white is the applied theme here. It is newly painted in a bright radiant white paint along with red accents. In the interior there is also plenty of red, such as the red roll cage, the red Abarth logo, the three-point seat belts and various other red accents. Quite the look of the Italian brand Abarth.

The underside of the car is one of the main highlights when it comes to looks and being well prepared. All parts are new and extremely professionally built. Furthermore, the new stainless steel exhaust produces a nice and sporty sound. Looking at the interior, it is all class, take the leather black bucket seats with Abarth three-point belts, the new Abarth cloth mats, the Abarth sports steering wheel with the 3 Abarth instruments behind it. For safety is placed a red roll cage and the interior roof is neatly finished with a gray headliner. Abarth’s scorpion logo is everywhere here. Both on the grille, as well as on the sports steering wheel, gas tank, rims, hood and cloth mats. Mounted on the car are 14′ inch Cromodora alloy wheels with new tires (165/60 14R) which match the “circuit look” of the car.

The engine block of the Fiat 650 has been overhauled and boosted to a ca. 70 hp powerful 850cc engine. This Engine has been fitted with beautiful and sought after Abarth components. Next it has a stainless steel manifold and stainless steel exhaust muffler, Oil cooler, Front cooling intake with stainless steel pipes to the rear radiator and oil cooler. In addition, the engine has an Abarth valve cover, Dellorto carburetor, different axles, shock absorbers, Abarth T suspension and suspension.

With this Abarth, everything is new and its characteristic hood, opened on fixed supports, makes it a stunning replica of the sporty, highly sought-after car of the 1960s. One could admire the “Abarth-tjes” at the time, in this form at the many international sporting events and circuits.

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Preis 28.500
Tachostand 43.283 km
Farbe White
Getriebe Manual
Antrieb Rear
Motor 4 cylinder in-line 0.8L


Baujahr 1971
Marke Fiat
Modell Abarth 850
Sitzplätze 2
Türen 2
Antrieb Rear
Getriebe Manual
Kraftstoff Gasoline
Hubraum (cm³) 847
Hubraum (ci) 52
Motorstandort Rear
Motortyp in-line
Hubraum (l) 0.8
Zylinder 4
Leistung (HP) 51
Leistung (KW) 38
Leistung (PS) 52
Engine Max Power RPM 5800
Land Italy