Porsche 911 WTL – 1986

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1986 Porsche 911 WTL convertible

Beautiful Porsche 911 WTL convertible. Only 1397 left-hand drive WTL’s were built so with such a limited edition you are always in the right place.
Beautiful appearance with that wide poo, let the childhood dream come true, this is your chance.

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Vehicle Cabriolet
Preis 96.000 Ref.: 563
Tachostand 86.000 km
Farbe Gold
Getriebe Manual
Antrieb Rear
Motor 6 cylinder boxer 3.2L


Baujahr 1986
Marke Porsche
Modell 911
Vehicle Cabriolet
Sitzplätze 4
Türen 2
Antrieb Rear
Getriebe Manual
Kraftstoff Gasoline
Hubraum (cm³) 3164
Hubraum (ci) 193
Motorstandort Rear
Motortyp boxer
Hubraum (l) 3.2
Zylinder 6
Land Germany