Singer 1½ Sports – 1933

Rare Singer 1½ Liter Sports 4-Seater in beautiful condition.

In the 1920s Singer was the third largest car manufacturer in Great Britain after Austin and Morris. Singer was actively involved in racing competitions at the time and the 1½ Liter Sports introduced in 1933 finished 7th and 8th at Le Mans in 1934 and had a successful endurance racing career. Unfortunately, in other rallies and competitions, the Singer was unable to continue its success against the fast MGs and Rileys. Only a small number of Singers survive and are therefore very rare today. This example has been fully restored and is in very good condition! The white exterior combines well with the green leather interior. The engine runs very well and the gearbox shifts smoothly. Technically very well maintained.
This Singer is registered with the Singer Owners Car Club.

To some extent the ‘Sports’ has the line of the Singer Nine Sports. the long bonnet and scuttle, slightly sloping, is balanced by the recess over the two doors, and the sides of the body run in a straight line to the rear, followed by the neatly stowed bonnet. The rear panel slopes into a smooth curve and carries the spare wheel. The front wings are integral with the running boards and the rear wings follow the lines of the rear panel.
The windshield folds flat and has a double Lucas wiper.
The dark green leather interior is very tasteful. The two front bucket seats are sliding and sinks have been added to increase legroom in the rear compartment.
The engine runs smoothly up to 5,000 rpm and propels the four-passenger car at speeds around 70 mph.
Knock-on Rudge Whitworth wire wheels with 18 x 5.25 tires are used and the Lockheed hydraulic brakes work in 13 inch drums. A racing-type brake lever is mounted in the center of the car.

The body has good fits of the sills, fenders, doors and hood.

This very rare ‘1½ SPORTS’ is a feast for the eyes of the Singer enthusiast!

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Price 69,850
Kilometers 6.303 km
Color White
Registration Dutch
Transmission Manual
Drive Type Rear
Engine 6 cylinder in-line 1.5L


Year 1933
Make Singer
Model 1½ Sports
Seats 4
Doors 2
Drive Type Rear
Transmission Type Manual
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine Displacement (cc) 1493
Engine Location Front
Engine Type in-line
Engine (l) 1.5
Engine Cylinders 6
Country United Kingdom