American Cars By BDC


American Cars By BDC

American Cars By BDC

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Bernard Decoene Company originated from the passion for the automobile, and still drives on that same passion. Maybe that's why BDC has a very extensive customer base, spreaded all over Europe and even the world. Between the customers of BDC, one can find even some renowned car musea.

BDC is gespecialised in purchasing and selling USA CARS and light trucks and parts. Without limiting to specific brands or model years.

Our stock contains actually about 55 cars, built between 1950 and today. The database with pictures and specifications of these cars can be consulted on this site. Besides the American cars, we also have regularly other nationalities, mostly special or exclusive cars in this case.

One of BDC's strongest points is de very extended private collection of technical US car manuals.

On this site, you'll find a foretaste of what you can find at BDC, and a presentation of the models in stock. Of course you are always welcome at BDC for a personal presentation of our cars. You'll find here also our company data and a route description to BDC.



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