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Early passion for British oldtimer
As a 18 year old I was not quick enough to get my driver's license to tour with my childhood. My 1st car a Triumph Spitfire MKIII had to show for a while in our garage. Thus, the itch started for the British car.

After a year, I saw a nice another car and ideal for the winter months. TR7 a coupe and then bright orange. If they hear not with them saw me. In my circle of friends grew interested in the English classic. It was time to make a sideline of my hobby. So it started to tinker carts.
Soon found several owners of British cars my "workshop", a converted garage. My parents all these British cars did not like sitting in front of the door and helped move me to a shed where the British car was central.

I tinkered not only the cars, a complete restoration was not unworldly me. After several years of having performed this secondary occupation and move again to a larger workshop started buying and selling of the cars also run well. Soon stood around the garage, the driveway and even a piece of the garden full. So it became my main occupation.

current showroom
One day my father knew that there was to buy a house with workshops in an industrial zone in Hoogstraten. This was the ideal opportunity to move again and create a showroom for every fan of the British car is something between a MINI to ROLLS-ROYCE.

With an experience of over 35 years, I know what it's about when I talk about the English classic. Actually, I am a happy man of his hobbies was his profession.

The greatest satisfaction I have when the client leaves here with a smile and it further says.


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