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Screenshot_2020-01-30 E M Kremer GmbH – Motorsport Team freie Porsche Meisterwerkstatt Koeln

Kremer Racing

To put the service of your car in the hands of a team that finished the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans as the overall winner?

Of course!

You've come to the right address in the north of Cologne at Von-Hünefeld-Strasse 13. This is where our E & M Kremer GmbH stays, a company specialized in Porsche since 1962.


Above all, it's a "completely normal" master workshop, albeit with highly specialised technicians, in which international racing events are also prepared. With us you can get a replacement for your windscreen wipers

to the rebuilding of a Biturbo Porsche 935 with about 850 hp.


An engine test bench for engines up to 1,000 hp and an all-wheel dynamometer, also designed for vehicles up to 1,000 hp, are among the most demanding in Europe. Performance enhancements and aerodynamic changes far beyond normal tuning are possible. Just come to us with your ideas, wishes and questions, we will find an answer together, because on the racetracks of this world a fast and reliable solution is our daily bread.


The experience gained in more than 50 years of racing on all continents and the expertise gained through our own successful developments coupled with a passion for motor sports is also of benefit to you and your vehicle. And it doesn't always have to be a Porsche, even if we have specialized primarily in Porsche.


And if it has to be something very special and independent, we can offer you the Kremer K3-Road, a car that offers a unique racing feeling for road use.


Just come to us and you and your vehicle will become part of the Porsche Kremer family.


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