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Beijing Automobile Museum

Beijing Auto Museum is located in South 4th Ring Road West, Fengtai District and adjacent to the Zhongguancun Fengtai Science Park, initiated by the Central Government, and approved by Beijing Municipal Government. The Project Office for Beijing International Automobile Exposition Center (Beijing Auto Museum), approved by Office of the Municipal Institutional Organization, is established to be the project subject as an institution, which is fully funded by the municipal government. The museum is positioned as a nonprofit organization for public welfare, with totally five big functional systems, namely, exhibition and presentation, public education, opening security, cultural industry and administrative management, the core functions of which are for the purpose of exhibition and presentation and public education, with eight subordinate functional departments for corresponding management duties respectively. The construction funds for Beijing Auto Museum are all appropriated by the government of municipal and district, and the project has an initiative fund of about RMB 700 million, to be completed in 2010 and open to the public in 2011.
Beijing Auto Museum adheres to such a principle: to be green, high-tech, and humanistic; the purpose: to carry on civilization, inspire innovation and serve for society; the development mission: to direct the causes of popular science and culture, to enhance Chinese citizens’ scientific and cultural qualifications, to expand the social impact in local communities, and to promote the overall urban competitiveness; the development vision: to promote auto science amp; technology and culture, and to encourage cultural exchanges between Chinese auto industry and the international peers; the development goal: to set up a modern scientific and technological museum featuring first-class exhibition, first-class services, and first class efficiency, developing it into the most vigorous cultural establishment in Beijing; and with the fundamental exhibition means of “approaching the mass, the living and the reality”, Beijing Auto Museum keeps spreading scientific and humanistic ideas, without the limitation of nation, region or brand.
The museum covers a building area of 49,059 square meters (including 30,475 square meters aboveground and 18,584 square meters underground), being multifunctional and fully equipped with 10 equipment systems including efficient and energy-saving lighting and night view lighting system, safe and reliable security system, and advanced intelligent management system, and 11 subsystems of weak current intelligent control. With “science, technology and society” as the theme, the exhibition and presentation are arranged with the focus on such theme contents as the exhibits and exhibition items, exhibition technology, space scene and the cultivation of exhibition atmosphere. According to the mainline of history-technology-future, the museum sets up three exhibition halls, namely Hall of Innovations, Hall of Development, Hall of Future, and Exhibition of Classical Collection of Chinese Automobile Industry. The museum carefully chooses a batch of collections of high historical or political sense, including over 80 museum-collected automobiles, related literatures more than 3000 volumes and photos over 10000. More than 50 large technically interactive exhibition items and about 40 multimedia films as well as graphic information in thousands of characters come into being through innovations, research and development by the museum, some key projects of which are supported by the municipal special funds; and the museum also organizes and compiles Auto Files, the first domestic automobile theme book series (of ten volumes), the first four books of which already published.
Beijing Auto Museum not only pays attention to the publicity of scientific and human knowledge and relevant information, but also focuses on spreading ideas of science and the humanities and promoting science and humanism ideology, helping more people observe the auto society, with concerns on the relations between people, cars and social development, so as to become the platform for visiting and studying by the social public, especially the youth, to experience science and accept enlightenment of innovation.


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Car Museum W Rd, Fengtai District, Beijing, China

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