Kisa car museum in Sweden parts with the majority of its collection.

Around 40 classic Saabs are up for bidding on 2 June when Kisa car museum in Sweden parts with the majority of its collection.
It will be the biggest auction ever with cars from the iconic Swedish car brand. It is Bilweb Auctions that has got the task to handle the sale. We are very proud of the confidence shown to us, this will be the seventh big car collection we handle since we started in 2017.

Kisa car museum was created by the Saab dealer Grahns in Kisa, building up the collections during a number of decades. Grahns also sold Opel and therefore you will find a number of Opel classics on the auction list. The interest for classic Saabs is very big, both in Sweden and in other countries. An auction of this magnitude creates a lot of attention among enthusiasts.

The auctions take place just a week before the Saab Car Museum Festival in Trollhättan (10-12 June), Sweden. Thousands of Saab fans from all over the world gathers during three days to celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary.

A few examples from the auction list:

• a 1978 Saab 99 EMS with only 29 000 kilometers on the clock
• One of 420 built 9-3 Aero manufactured by BEVS after the Saab bankruptcy. Driven 2650 kilometers.
• 1966 Saab Monte Carlo. 90 000 kilometers.
• 1958 Saab 93

All auction cars will be published on on Friday 20 May and bidding starts 25 May. Auctions ends 2 June.

On 29 June the cars will be shown on site in Kisa car museum. The time will be shown on our homepage together with each car. We will also have a Livestream May 25 focusing on Saab. We´re sending via, via our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.
Photo: Bilwebauctions


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