Ferrari 308 GTB – 1979

Chassis no. F106 AB 27175
Engine no. 021 01224

Engine 8 cylinder
Power 255 HP/188 kW
Gearbox Manual 5 Speed
Italian papers and documents

Showed for the first time at the 1975 Paris Motor Show during the oil crisis, the 308 GTB marked a welcome return to the Pininfarina style after the Dino 308 GT4 designed by Bertone.
Branded as a real Ferrari, no longer under the Dino brand, the new model had changed little from a mechanical point of view, compared to its predecessor. The 3.0-liter engine with dry carter lubrication, derived from Scuderia’s experience in Formula 1, was powered by four carburetors and developed a power of 255 HP, enough to push the 1090 kg of the 308 GTB to over 250 kilometers per hour, a decidedly supersonic speed for that time.
It was produced with dry carter lubrication and fiberglass bodywork until April 1977, when the 308 GTB built by Scaglietti switched to the steel bodywork which, however, led to a considerable weight penalty for the GTB (about 80 kg more) resulting in a reduction in performance.
To underline the sporty vocation of the car, the hint of spoilers on the tail, while the stability at high speeds, is due to the suspensions equipped with a remarkable excursion. The reduction of rolling noise also contributed greatly to increasing driving comfort.
The 308 GTB had considerable worldwide sales success and remained in production for 15 years.

– Bodywork and mechanics in good condition, blue sera exterior and cream-colored interior
– Periodic reviews carried out on the mechanics by the previous owner
– Well-preserved interior. Cream leather seats with little traces of cracks
– Door panels in excellent condition
– Working dashboard and dials
– Friezes, decorations, and writings in excellent condition
– Restored rims with 80% tires

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Preis  130.000 Ref.: RDS00213
Tachostand 60.217 km
Farbe Blue
Getriebe Manual
Antrieb Rear
Motor 8 Zylinder V 2.9L


Baujahr 1979
Marke Ferrari
Model 308 GTB
Sitze 4
Antrieb Rear
Getriebe Manual
Kraftstoff Gasoline
Hubraum (ccm) 2927
Hubraum (ci) 179
Motorposition Middle
Motortyp V
Motor (l) 2.9
Zylinder 8
Max. Motorleistung (HP) 255
Max. Motorleistung (kW) 158
Max. Motorleistung (PS) 259
Max. Motorleistung Drehzahl 7700
Land Italy