Ruote da Sogno

Where history and passion mingles

Ruote da Sogno is in Reggio Emilia and it’s an essential destination for classic car and bike enthusiasts who are visiting the extraordinary Motor Valley territory. The vast showroom of 8.000 mq hosts a selection of more than 700 classic bikes of any period and brand, all perfectly restored and functioning, and most importantly of all for sale, plus an important selection of 100 classic cars. Ruote da Sogno is neither a museum nor a collection; it is a trader that wants to make these jewels available to collectors and enthusiasts.

Cars ad a real stars

The spotlight is on the classic cars in these state-of-the- art and multifunctional spaces, where the allure of these splendid objects from the past stands out in the uniform black of their setting. A magical space for classic car lovers, hard to describe, so elegantly luxurious and genuinely extraordinary that visitors might not believe their own eyes. Specimens of rare beauty and inestimable value, that came through the ages and overcame fashions, command the visitor’s speechless admiration. Daydreaming in this ocean of passion is the only way to discover our history.

On the main stage

Ask a motor biker what the heaven looks like. He will answer that it should be an infinite space, full of motorbikes from every year and genre, ready to go on the road. Crossing the entrance of Ruote da Sogno this paradise becomes real: you will be captured by the majesty of the number of motorcycles, in a mystical experience that every motorcyclist has experienced at least once in life in the presence of the object of one’s desire. Then an ocean of glittering Vespa, lined up like tin soldiers in a space entirely dedicated to this timeless icon. If your dream’s bike does exist, you will find it in Ruote da Sogno.

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