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Lionel Otto Instruments

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More than JUST repairs

At Lionel Otto Instruments, we understand that you need to know what is happening inside your machine - be it car, bike, 4x4, truck, bus, or other instruments.

As craftsmen of quality gauges, instruments clusters, panels. We lovingly restore instruments to their former glory. We believe that each gauge tells a story. It demonstrates the health of a vehicle. It provides feedback about what is occurring inside the belly of your beast. These are a small but integral part of how modern machines communicate. They are the voice of your favorite car, signaling the ways to push machines enabling you to master its purpose.

Many a car owner has reveled in the responsiveness of a tachometer as they press the accelerator watching as the engine approaches redline.

Many a car owner has watched in horror as a temperature gauge has risen, signaling deeper problems.

Without correct calibration, accuracy is lost. Without accuracy, you cannot truly know what your machine requires to do its job.

At Otto's we understand the delicate purpose of the gauges you need for your special machine. This is why we lovingly restore each piece by hand, helping to bring back the former glory of a gauge that has lost its ability to communicate.


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