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Willems Classic Cars has been a famous name since 1996 for initially the Triumph and MG owners. We have now become one of the regular suppliers for the required parts for this group of people.

Today we are known within a wider group of classic car enthusiasts for the repairs to the various dashboard instruments. Years ago our interest was aroused because we were able to buy a large batch of meters. We gradually started to delve into it and we started selling remanufactured meters. In 2016, these repairs and revisions started to cover a large part of our work and we want to further distinguish ourselves / specialize in this.

We repair and overhaul Smiths, Jaeger and VDO instruments, but in the meantime we are also converting the odometers (MPH to KPH) for some popular models and we adjust the odometer in case of "modern" adjustments to the classic (eg conversion to 5-speed gearbox) , electronic ignition, different tire size, different differential etc).


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