Cadillac La Salle -1929

The Cadillac La Salle on offer at Classic Park dates from 1929.

It is a five-seat family sedan, which was available from $ 2350. Some 4250 units of this variety were built. This Cadillac has a Fisher body.


Cadillac, named after the French explorer and founder of Detroit, is one of the world’s oldest automobile brands and part of General Motors (GM) since 1909. Cadillac was (and is) GM’s flagship and was known for its luxurious, innovative and reliable models. The companion marque Lasalle, also named for a French adventurer, was introduced in 1927, when GM management wanted to fill the budget and quality gap between the cheaper Buick and the more expensive Cadillac. Lasalle was more modern and appealed to a younger costumer. The mark is regarded by many as the starting point of modern American automotive styling. Prior to this, the exterior of a car was adapted only if engineering made it necessary. A 1910 Ford Model T was virtually the same as one from 1927.

The Lasalle brand became trendsetting soon after its introduction. The cars were compact, sporty, more agile, of very good quality and reached high speeds. The thin, elongated radiator grille remained a characteristic detail of the Lasalle until the end in 1940.

1929 was a record year with more than 22,000 copies sold. The Great Depression, however, did not pass Lasalle unnoticed, with only 3,300 cars sold in 1932. GM changed its strategy and Lasalle now had to sustain sales in the luxury segment. The Lasalle was just $ 1,000 cheaper than the lowest priced Cadillac. The economy recovered but the Lasalle sales lagged. In 1937 GM once again focused attention to the Lasalle. The car was equipped with the 5.3-liter mono-block V8 engine (also used in the Cadillac Series 60), restyled, reduced in price and enthusiastically promoted. Sales shot up once again to 32,000 but it was not enough to stay close to the sales of the Packard One-Twenty.

In October 1939 the last Cadillac Lasalle was presented, with the curtain finally closing in 1940. GM decided to undo the blurring of brands created by all the companion marques and decided to bestow upon Cadillac’s defined luxury and the simpler and cheaper Packard.

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Price  49.900 Ref.: 518
Kilometers 39,539 km
Color [:en]Green[:nl]Groen[:de]Grün
Transmission [:en]Manual[:de]Handschaltung[:nl]Handmatig
Drive Type [:en]Rear[:de]Heck[:nl]Achter


Year 1929
Make Cadillac
Model La Salle
Seats 5
Doors 4
Drive Type [:en]Rear[:de]Heck[:nl]Achter
Transmission Type [:en]Manual[:de]Handschaltung[:nl]Handmatig
Fuel Type [:en]Gasoline[:de]Benzin[:nl]Benzine
Engine Displacement (ci) 5300
Country [:en]United States [:nl]Verenigde Staten[:de]Vereinigte Staaten