Mercedes-Benz 300 C Adenauer – 1956

This Mercedes 300 offered to you by Classic Park is a 300c registered on the 16th of April 1956. The car was originally delivered to the Belgian Mercedes-Benz distributor IMA. In Belgium the car was used as an embassy vehicle and in the early ‘70s it was exported to the Netherlands. In those days the car was also regularly used as a car for weddings. In 1998 the current owner bought the car who brought it back and has kept it in the amazing condition it is in today. The car is matching numbers and matching colours and nor cost nor effort was saved to keep the car in pristine condition. The exterior paintwork is immaculate and technically it is also in great shape.

The engine, brakes, suspension, steering and electrics were completely overhauled, the interior was refurbished back to original specification (everything from carpets to the roof lining to all of the woodwork) and the exterior was cared for with great attention to detail. The chromework is all original. The amazing condition can be explained by the material. These original bumpers were made from red copper which was then chromed. This material corrodes very little and does not damage easily. Unfortunately this is also one of the reasons why many 300 Adenauers were scrapped at the end of the ‘60s and early ‘70s. Red copper is very valuable. This car was saved that fate and that is why this is not only a car in great condition but also a very rare example. At the time this car cost the equivalent of €250.000 and most luxurious car on the market. Today this car can still keep up with modern day traffic and will show to be a good investment, while giving you the king of the road feeling.

The Mercedes-Benz 300 series is the first post-war designed Mercedes-Benz. After the atrocities of World War Two, the German auto industry started to recover at the beginning of the ‘50s. In the first years after the war, Germany’s streets were mostly filled with DKW’s and modified Jeeps with the occasional new Volkswagen. Most of the car from before the war were impounded by the Wehrmacht during the war.

At the beginning of the ‘50s Opel introduced the new Kapitän, BMW introduced the 501 (Barockengel) and Mercedes-Benz presented the 300-series and the W105 220a. The 300 series was the fastest and most luxurious German productioncar ever built when it was introduced this made it the perfect choice for German heads of state. Bunds chancellor Konrad Adenauer and Bunds president Theodor Heuss were soon only driven in Mercedes-Benz 300’s. Adenauer loved the 300-series so much that during his term in office he had 6 300’s at his disposal. He demanded to always be driven in a 300-series, even when he was on foreign visits. Even after his term in office ended in 1963 he stayed true to the Mercedes-Benz 300. Until his death in 1967 he only drove 300-series cars. That is why the 300-series is also known as ‘The Adenauer’. Adenauer’s personal 300-series is still displayed in the Mercedes-Benz Museum as a tribute to its name giver.

The 300-series was in many ways a very new car for Mercedes-Benz. The brand-new 2996cc six-cylinder-in-line engine produced 115 BHP in the first editions, but was later pushed to 125 BHP. This engine also formed the base for the engine of the 300SL Gullwing and the 300SL racecars. The 300 also had very sophisticated suspension with independent air suspension on the rear axle to keep it steady even when heavily loaded. It was the first car with a centralized lubrication system, which made grease nipples (very common at the time) redundant. The 300 c was not only fitted with the more powerful 125 BHP engine, but also with the brand new pendulum axle with a single, low pivot point and a compensation spring. Combined with wider tires this improved the handling massively. The 300 c was also the first Mercedes-Benz ever that was available with an automatic gearbox. This three-speed transmission was built under license of the American Borg Warner corporation and added a new level of comfort and luxury. The 300 c also had a wider rear window, triangular windows in the front doors, chromed stonechip protection on the rear arches and bumper rosettes which were similar to those on the 300 b.


Price  84.900 Ref.: 984
Kilometers 26,276 km
Color Grey
Registration Dutch
Transmission Automatic
Drive Type Rear
Engine 6 cylinder in-line 3.0L


Year 1956
Make Mercedes-Benz
Model 300 C
Seats 4
Doors 4
Drive Type Rear
Transmission Type Automatic
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine Displacement (cc) 2996
Engine Displacement (ci) 183
Engine Type in-line
Engine (l) 3.0
Engine Cylinders 6
Country Germany