Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio “Monodado” – 1986

Ferrari Testarossa “Monospecchio” “Monodado” 1986

– Executed in a rare colour combination of ‘Argento Metallizzato’ over ‘Nero’
– Original German delivered, purchase invoice from 1986 is present!
– Only 72,554 original kilometres
– Owned by 3rd owner for over 26 years
– Rich in documentation
– Unique and sought-after collector’s Item because of the ‘Monospecchio’ and ‘Monodado’

The Testarossa. One of Ferrari’s most iconic models. The luxury sports car was equipped with the 12-cylinder mid-engine. It was displayed at the Lido Nightclub on the Champs Elysées in Paris in Oct 1984 as the successor to the Berlinetta Boxer. Pininfarina put a different spin on its side-intake design which was seen as ‘tradition breaking’ at the time, but later transformed into one of the most recognised aspects of the Testarossa. The Ferrari Testarossa engine was the first time a Ferrari road car had a flat 12-cylinder configuration equipped with four valves per cylinder, but it retained the same 4.9-litre capacity as the 512 BBi engine.

Production ran from 1984 to 1991. After production of the Testarossa ended, 2 model revisions called the 512 TR and the F512 M emerged. These were produced from 1992 to 1996. Of the original Testarossas, a total of only 7177 were produced over the years, including 819 in 1986.

Largely, the Testarossas were delivered in the iconic ‘Rosso’ colour. This example came in a lot more rare silver ‘Argento Metallizzato’. This beautiful silver metallic paint makes a rare combination with the ‘Nero’ leather interior. This iconic Ferrari was sold at the German Ferrari dealer Wichelhausen in Hamburg. This can be proven by the original purchase invoice which is present.

The Testarossa holds the titles ‘Monospecchio’ and ‘Monodado’. This is what makes the car very special. Monospecchio, translated to ‘single mirror’ is characteristic of Testarossas from the early years. Early models were mainly equipped with this single high mirror, but it was abolished in 1987 due to the lack of vision from the mirror. The single mirror came about because legislation in Italy at the time stipulated that rearward vision should not be obstructed by bodywork parts of the car. Because of the high rear mudguard, the mirror had to be placed very high. The reason for choosing only one mirror is that it would be impossible to see into the other mirror from a normal driving position. Like the mirror, this legislation was lowered in 1987. The legislation changed to a requirement of not 100% vision, but that only 80% vision was required. As soon as Ferrari heard this, they abolished the single mirror, and then applied the 2 lower mirrors. This resulted with that the Monospecchio specimens are quite a bit rarer than the regular double mirror ones. As a pre-1988 specimen, this car also has the attractive and rare Monodado single-bolt 16-inch wheels, as opposed to the five-bolt wheels on later cars. These features make this Testarossa a very rare and sought-after specimen!

This Ferrari is in very clean condition. From the bodywork to the interior! This also means that it is completely rust free. The black leather interior exudes sportiness and class. From the orange-coloured clocks to the black ‘gear ball’ gear lever. This spacious 2-seater is truly a sight to behold. The rims are of picture-perfect quality and form a beautiful combination together with the silver paint. In the car’s boot, the original toolkit can be found.

It is easy to see that the previous owners took care of this car with love and passion. This no doubt also influenced the car’s current condition. It has been in a collection among several unique cars including Iso Grifos. This therefore explains the low mileage of only 72,554. This is demonstrable with the available documentation. In addition, there are several other forms of documentation present. The original purchase invoice from 1986 and a purchase invoice from 1996 are still present! In addition, there are various maintenance invoices present from over the years. This proves that the car has been well maintained. The brakes have also recently been overhauled.
The first owner had it until 1995, when he sold it on to the second German owner. A while later and it falls into the possession of the 3rd and current Dutch owner. This owner registered it on Dutch registration plates in 1996. As mentioned earlier, few kilometres have been covered with the Ferrari since then. Having owned the beautiful Italian sports car for over 26 years, it is now looking for a new owner.

A very unique, rare and sought-after classic Ferrari Testarossa!

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Prijs 199.500
Kilometers 72.554 km
Kleur Silver
Transmissie Manual
Aandrijving Rear
Motor 12 cylinder V 4.9L


Bouwjaar 1986
Merk Ferrari
Model Testarossa
Zitplaatsen 2
Deuren 2
Aandrijving Rear
Transmissietype Manual
Brandstof Gasoline
Cilinderinhoud (ccm) 4942
Cilinderinhoud (cui) 302
Motor Locatie Middle
Type motor V
Mororinhoud (L) 4.9
Aantal Cilinders 12
Vermogen (HP) 385
Vermogen (KW) 287
Engine Max Power (PS) 390
Engine Max Power RPM 6300
Engine Max Torque (NM) 500
Engine Max Torque (Lb-Ft) 369
Engine Max Torque (kgf-m) 51
Engine Max Torque RPM 4500
Land Italy