Porsche 911/964 Carrera – 1991

The air-cooled ones have the most beautiful sound. Most emotion, closest to the original. But still so much improved. The 964 is a nice mix in that regard. Nice driving, luxuriously executed, but still nice the old looks and feel. This one belongs to a retired car company colleague. In his working life he has taken out the candies and put them in the garage. Well maintained, loved and now we can sell the Porsche for him. Prefer manual transmission you will say, well I don’t know. The manual transmissions do not drive so relaxed and this is a convertible, which invites you to drive relaxed, while a lot happens when you accelerate. Automatic (tiptronic) switches back quickly and neatly, smoothly and fits this car exactly.
The color is special, night blue metallic, has a very nice glow when you look over it. The car is equipped with cup mirrors.
We have driven the car, tested it thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that this is simply a desirable car. The car also comes with the original cup rims with good tires.

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Vehicle Carrera RS
Prijs 49.500
Kilometers 191.100 km
Kleur Blue
Registration Dutch
Transmissie Manual
Aandrijving rear
Motor 6 cylinder boxer 3.6L


Bouwjaar 1991
Merk Porsche
Model 964
Vehicle Carrera RS
Zitplaatsen 2
Deuren 2
Aandrijving rear
Transmissietype Manual
Brandstof Gasoline
Cilinderinhoud (ccm) 3600
Cilinderinhoud (cui) 220
Motor Locatie Rear
Type motor boxer
Mororinhoud (L) 3.6
Aantal Cilinders 6
Land Germany