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Daddy Cool Cars

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Classic American Rides

We’re a small family business, passionate about High Quality Pony-Cars. Combining style with modern comfort, resulting in a worry free drive and happy customers.
We sell the hottest classic pony's like Mustang, Cougar, Corvette, Camaro and Pontiac build in the '60 & '70. To raise the bar we customize into our own style and signature. Classic looks with modern features.

Driving a classic car is supposed to be fun! Without starting, steering and braking issues. Style combined with modern comfort is what we aim for. Having your kids buckled up safely on the backseat, the airco giving you a nice cooling breeze on a hot summer day, listening to your favorite song and feeling worry free. That’s when we at Daddy Cool Cars can say: we are happy!

Relive the greatest decade of car design: 60’s & 70’s, with a modern touch.
Enjoy the wind in your hair, driving your favorite pony car.
When you drive by, people gaze, smile and giving you a big thumbs up.
"After being entrepreneurs in different areas, we decided to combine all our passions, into the Daddy Cool Lifestyle".

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