The Palmen Barnfind Collection by Gallery Aaldering

Unique Barnfind Collection with 230 classic cars will be auctioned

Gallery Aaldering presents: The Palmen Barnfind Collection

An unknown collection of 230 classic cars at an unknown location in the Netherlands: unimaginable. Gallery Aaldering is auctioning this gigantic collection in cooperation with Classic Car Auctions. From Lancia Aurelia Spider to Mercedes-Benz 300S Roadster and from Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ to various Facel Vegas: the diversity is enormous.

The Collection
Mr Palmen started collecting special classic cars about forty years ago and housed them in three different locations, two buildings and a church. The cars have been stored in good condition and have stood the test of time very well. The collection was hardly seen by anyone. Even neighbours on the industrial area had no idea what could be seen inside: “We have been at this location for about fifteen years and have regularly asked the owner if we could take a look inside, but it never came to a viewing.”

Due to circumstances, Mr Palmen could no longer keep his collection and Gallery Aaldering recently became the owner of one of the largest barnfind collections in the world in recent years.

The Auction
The collection is located in Dordrecht, where the cars from the characteristic church and the second building are now housed, so that the entire collection is now under one roof. Gallery Aaldering will sell the collection through a major international online auction: “This barnfind collection is truly a unique opportunity for car enthusiasts and collectors around the world to expand their collection,” said Nico & Nick Aaldering, of Gallery Aaldering. “We are very pleased to be able to auction these cars through Classic Car Auctions and look forward to seeing how much interest there is in this wonderful collection.”

The large Barnfind collection contains special and beautiful classics. Bidding will soon be possible on various classic cars from Maserati, Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW, Facel Vega and so much more. It is unlikely that anyone will ever see a collection of this caliber and in this condition again in their lifetime.
Text video and photography courtesy Gallery Aaldering