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A passion for classic cars and many restoration projects made sure that problems with chrome bumpers, as well as rechroming them, are absolutely not unfamiliar to us.

Bumpers that do not return nice and tight, parts that get lost, a chrome layer that’s too thin because of which corrosion occurs quickly again, disbonding chrome, high costs, lasting damages et cetera… all cause many unnecessary inconveniences.

Spare yourself this inconvenience and choose the alternative we have to offer to you.
Bumperworld offers you new stainless steel classic car bumpers; the only and perfect alternative to chrome:

  • Exact copy of the original - perfect fit
  • High quality stainless steel 304 with 20% chrome - does not corrode or peel
  • Polished by hand - perfect chrome shine
  • Possibility to bump out and repolish when damaged - in contrary to chrome

Our passion for classic cars, efficient management and a convenient online shop enable us to offer you an excellent product for a very competitive price.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, without obligation, for personal advice and an appointment to visit our showroom!

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