Auburn 851 – 1936

The Auburn Automobile Company (1903) has built this car in 1935. Recognizable for its bold grille and slender hood. A streamlined Art Deco design by the legendary Gordon Buehrig, a fully synchronised gearbox, a double-ratio differential and a powerful Lycoming 8-cylinder engine make the Auburn 851 SC one of the most desirable Amercan classic cars of all time. Auburn only built 40 of its 851 SC, and 25 are known to surviive to this day. This limited number means these cars are even rarer than the famous Auburn Speedster.


The Auburn Automobile Company had been founded in the year 1900. The concern finally got bankrupt during the great Depression in 1937. In the 37 years of there existence, they designed many cars. The first engine used to have only one cylinder, one of the latest came even with an V12.

The Auburn Automobile company has actually evolved from the car builder, named: Eckhart Carriage Company, which was founded in 1875. Eckarts two sons Frank and Morris, began experimenting with the production of cars. Frank and Morris founded in 1900 the Auburn Automobile Company with an initial capital of $ 2,500, – a high amount of money for those days.

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Price 139.900 Ref.: 1192
Kilometers51,252 km
Drive TypeRear
Engine8 cylinder in-line 4.6L


Drive TypeRear
Transmission TypeManual
Fuel TypeGasoline
Engine Displacement (cc)4585
Engine Displacement (ci)280
Engine LocationFront
Engine Typein-line
Engine (l)4.6
Engine Cylinders8
CountryUnited States