Alfa Romeo GTV 2.5 V6 – 1983

This beautiful original Dutch car has a beautiful history. In 1983 and on the road, and with that it has the desirable seats with nice headrests. Original anthracite paint with cream upholstery looks beautiful. Equipped with period glass tilt roof. It was on the road for the last time in 1996, with the 2nd owner who, as befits an enthusiast, put it away for later. That moment never came for him due to circumstances, we bought the car and gave the love that the Alfa needed. Major maintenance, distribution with water pump, new Pirelli (of course) tires and all MOT points have been checked and then passed the inspection with flying colors.
The car sounds fantastic and drives like it. Switches without creaking.

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Vehicle 6
Tachostand 77.585 km
Farbe Green
Anmeldung Dutch
Getriebe Manual 5
Antrieb Rear
Motor 6 cylinder V 2.5L


Baujahr 1983
Marke Alfa Romeo
Modell GTV
Vehicle 6
Sitzplätze 4
Türen 2
Antrieb Rear
Getriebe Manual 5
Kraftstoff Gasoline
Hubraum (cm³) 2492
Hubraum (ci) 152
Motorstandort Front
Motortyp V
Hubraum (l) 2.5
Zylinder 6
Leistung (HP) 160
Leistung (KW) 118
Leistung (PS) 163
Engine Max Power RPM 6000
Land Italy