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Hanseatisches Logistik Kontor GmbH

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Your specialist in transportation and logistics—worldwide!

As an internationally active logistics company, we offer a comprehensive range of services covering the entire value chain. Profit from our many years of experience and professional competencies in the qualitative and economic implementation of your transport and logistics requirements.

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Vintage cars

We have a special place in our heart for vintage cars, these classic vehicles. Not only do these vehicles require special handling and careful treatment, but there are also a few exceptional customs issues to consider.

IIs your vehicle more than thirty years old, in original condition and from a series that is no longer in production?

– Then it can be imported duty-free. Only 7% import sales tax must be paid (as of January 2014).

However, please note that the customs authorities are the ones to decide this – in any EU member country whatever. Moreover, their value as an investment can be an aspect well worth considering, apart from the joy of driving them and an interest in their technology and design.


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Coloradostraße 5, 27580 Bremerhaven, Germany

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