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Verified by it's Owner was founded in 2006 by Frank Kennis. It originated from a family company that has imported old-timers in the late sixties in France, Belgium, Germany Luxembourg and
Denmark, In the late 80-ish of the last century, Frank joined KennisOldtimersBergeijk, and also markets in the U.S. and the UK explored. Mid-nineties, the collection has grown so that
we decided to turn the collection into a museum: AutoMuseumBergeijk, Later the name was changed AutomusA Bergeijk. In 2006 we decided to each of the owners to go their own way: there is created. In all my

Searches for a special classics, vintage, veteran and sportcard of the past 25 years, i have passed many collections and collector who continuously look for and offer good classic and
sportcars, This has created in a large customer as well as seacher base, which you as buyer and seller will benefit.

You're welcome to see my collection of ClassicCars in my showroom or take a look on my site.


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Zeelberg 26, 5555 XE Valkenswaard, Netherlands

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    09:00 - 17:30
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    09:00 - 17:30
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