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Speed 8 Classics Sales & Service

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Speed 8 Classics specializes in the sale of fine, historic and collectors cars. We try to offer unusual and rare cars in exceptional condition and tend to stock cars we would be happy to own ourselves. Wether you are looking for a particular car to purchase or considering the sale of a special motor car, we would be delighted to hear from you.

From car brochure salesman to mechanic to renowned Iso and Bizzarrini specialist, when it comes to cars, Koen Heuts has done it all and then some. With the increasing success of his newest business venture, Speed 8 Classics.

At a very young age, my father took me to see rallycross races, and I always enjoyed it. I remember a special rallycross event at night, seeing Martin Schanche with his RS200 taking the lead over some Metro 6R4s and Audi Quattros. I never forgot the red turbos and brake discs!

As a schoolboy, I started my own business selling brochures I got from local car dealers, which then turned into model cars, pedal cars, Honda Monkeys, and DAX. Then, at 13 years old, I bought my first car…I was lucky that my parents let me do this. My mother taught me how to drive a car at the age of eight. My father would only let me start the engine, but when he was away, my mother would get an old car from the parking garage and teach me how to use the clutch and change gears.


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Lierselei 130, 2390 Malle, Belgium

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