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Coleraine Classic Cars

Situated in an original 1940’s garage in the main street of Coleraine, a small town in Victoria’s western district, 360kms from Melbourne, Coleraine Classic Cars is a private collection of more than 60 vintage and classic cars and automotive memorabilia, which is open for public appreciation and viewing by appointment.

The garage, now a museum, has been kept in its original condition, with the addition of antique and retro signage and furniture to accompany the cars. Other collectables such as badges, tins, maps, clocks, old radios and other car related items are also on display.

Manufactured between the 1920’s-80’s, automobiles residing here include Porsche, Chevrolet, Austin, Rolls Royce, Holden, Ford, Riley, Volkswagon, BSA Bantams, Morris, Landrover and the favourite Valiants, which definitely take the pride of place!

More than 70 cars reside in this museum, all of which are in their original condition, or have been carefully restored to their former glory. Cars within the museum are changed regularly as different models are acquired.

Coleraine Classic Cars is a marvellous example of how a Collector’s pride and passion for motoring can result in the evolution of a small private collection into an impressive display. It provides a wonderful experience for visitors, who can in turn rekindle memories and stories from their own past, or simply enjoy the grandeur of yesteryear.

Visit Coleraine Classic Cars for a walk down memory lane!



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65 Whyte Street, Coleraine VIC 3315, Australia

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