Porsche 968 3.0 – 1992

Porsche 968 – ‘Indian Rot/Guards Red’ 1992

– In the Netherlands since 2001
– Comprehensive maintenance documentation available
– Last service at 244,882 km
– Fitted with sunroof and air conditioning
– 6-speed manual transmission

The Porsche 968 is in fact a further developed 944 and was therefore successor to this model. It is Porsche’s last produced sports car with the engine at the front and is therefore starting to become a sought-after collector’s item. This example was delivered on 11 May 1992, the 968’s first year of production, in Germany. Back in 2001, the Porsche was imported to the Netherlands where it has been owned by various enthusiasts and collectors. The car has been well maintained, as evidenced by the extensive maintenance documentation present with the car. The last service was carried out at a mileage of 244,882 KM where a maintenance service was performed. The 968 is in beautiful original condition: the paintwork in the famous colour ‘Indian Rot’, aka ‘Guards Red’ and 17-inch ‘964 cup look’ rims. As standard, the car is already richly equipped with options such as a radio/CD player and electric windows and mirrors but this example also comes with additional options such as tinted windows and air conditioning. The car is in a nice, rust-free condition with a neat black interior. So a great opportunity to get your hands on an honest, original and well-maintained 968!

General information about the Porsche 968
The Porsche 968 succeeded the 944 in 1992 and was built until 1995. It is the last model built in the series of Porsche’s with the engine at the front, which started with the 924, about 20 years earlier. Unlike previous models, this model was not built at the Audi plant but at Porsche’s own factory in Zuffenhausen. The engine was the redeveloped 4-cylinder engine, now with a whopping 3 litres of capacity that put it at number 4 with largest 4-cylinder engine ever built in a production car. The 240-hp engine featured VarioCam (variable valve control). Performance figures are still excellent: a top speed of 250 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. The gearbox was new and featured 6 gears. The design was modernised and has influences from the 993 generation of the 911 series. In turn, the folding headlights are reminiscent of those of the 928. The 968 was more luxuriously equipped than its predecessors, making the car well suited for long distances. Due to the relatively short production period, relatively few 968s were produced with 12,776 units: less than 10% compared to the 944. Also because no sports car with the engine at the front has been built by Porsche since then, the model is increasingly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors.

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Vehicle None
Price 23.750
Kilometers 244,948 km
Color Red
Registration Dutch
Transmission Manual 6
Drive Type Rear
Engine 4 cylinder in-line 3.0L


Year 1992
Make Porsche
Model 968
Vehicle None
Seats 4
Doors 2
Drive Type Rear
Transmission Type Manual 6
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine Displacement (cc) 2990
Engine Displacement (ci) 182
Engine Location Front
Engine Type in-line
Engine (l) 3.0
Engine Cylinders 4
Engine Max Power (HP) 241
Engine Max Power (kW) 179
Engine Max Power (PS) 244
Engine Max Power RPM 6200
Engine Max Torque (NM) 305
Engine Max Torque (Lb-Ft) 225
Engine Max Torque (kgf-m) 31
Engine Max Torque RPM 4100
Country Germany