Volvo P1800 ES – 1973


Volvo P1800 ES Overdrive Model Y 1973

– Manual transmission with overdrive
– Distinctive options such as electric sliding roof and adjustable power steering
– Last model year with improvements made
– Fairly rare ES (station wagon) with injection engine
– Engine overhaul in 2021
– Approx. €5,000 invested since 2021 (invoices available)

Are you looking for a reliable classic car? The Volvo P1800: considered by many to be the most beautiful Volvo ever built. The rare ES (shooting brake) is considered the most beautiful station wagon ever built. In addition, the ES is known for its pleasant and comfortable driving characteristics, partly thanks to the injection engine. In addition, the Volvo is equipped with expensive electric power steering that can be made heavier or lighter with a rotary knob. This copy is a gem and is in good condition. The correct production and model year of this car – chassis no. 6,043 – is 1973. In this year the Volvo was produced in Gothenburg, Sweden and shipped to the United States. The car was imported to the Netherlands from this sunny climate in 2001. Since 2015, she has been owned by her last Dutch owner, who has brought the car into top condition. The Volvo has been professionally restored and an engine overhaul was carried out in 2021. In a 2022 appraisal report, the car is rated as ‘very good’ on all points. The paintwork, interior and rubbers are in almost perfect condition. Made in beautiful light blue metallic and black artificial leather in the interior. The interior has a beautiful wooden Nardi steering wheel and a radio/CD player. Other distinctive options include spotlights and an electric sliding roof. In short: a beautifully designed, reliable and comfortable classic car in good condition. A nice driver’s car and a beautiful collector’s item!

General information about the Volvo P1800
As early as 1957, Volvo wanted to launch a sports car aimed at Europe and the United States. The P1800 was built from 1961 to 1973. The beautiful and unique design was created by Pelle Petterson, while it was revealed at the time that the Italian designer Carrozzeria Frua had designed the model. This was supposed to boost sales figures. The P1800 was almost never built, because Volvo could not find a manufacturer for the bodies. After a year of preparation with Karmann, everything was ready to build the car, until Karmann’s most important customer put a stop to this: Volkswagen. They were afraid of a sales battle with their ‘Karmann Ghia’ model and threatened to terminate all contracts with the manufacturer if they started building the P1800. So Volvo was back to square one while the outside world knew nothing about Volvo’s plans until a photo leaked and the press published it. Volvo then presented the P1800 in Brussels under pressure in 1960 and made a deal with Jensen Motors, which built the bodies in England. From 1963 onwards, P1800s were built by Volvo itself in Sweden. The rear-wheel drive sports car was equipped with the so-called 4-cylinder B18 engine with carburettors. It was a success for Volvo with more than 40,000 coupes built. The last variant of the P1800 was built in 1972: the ES. The shooting brake is mainly characterized by the tailgate without pillars and completely made of glass. This model was also initially designed by Italian coachbuilders: Frua and Coggiola. Volvo found the designs too futuristic, so the final design was created by Jan Wilsgaard: designer of all Volvo models in his time, with the exception of the P1800 coupe and the predecessor P1900. Since 1970, the engine was often equipped with Bosch D-jetronic injection, which was also the case with the ES. The Model Y with some improvements is from model year 1973 and succeeded the Model W from model year 1972. Due to stricter environmental requirements in the United States, Volvo no longer saw any point in producing the ES from 1974 onwards and only 8,077 copies were built. A timeless and unique model, combined with great driving characteristics and of course a high degree of reliability! The P1800 has several records to its name, including one that has now driven more than 5 million kilometers.

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Kilometers 59,156 km
Color Blue
Registration Dutch
Transmission Manual
Drive Type Rear
Engine 4 cylinder in-line 2.0L


Year 1972
Make Volvo
Model 1800 ES
Seats 2+2
Doors 2
Drive Type Rear
Transmission Type Manual
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine Displacement (cc) 1986
Engine Displacement (ci) 121
Engine Location Front
Engine Type in-line
Engine (l) 2.0
Engine Cylinders 4
Engine Max Power (HP) 113
Country Sweden