Cadillac Coupe de Ville – 1958

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1958 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

With this Cadillac we have not only found the needle in the haystack, but also the needle in the desert. The car is still completely original, including paintwork.
The car drives great, just like an arrow from a bow. You often have to adjust a lot with comparable fiftiers to stay straight on the track. You don’t have to do this with this one.
This is a pearl that you will not encounter two of. You have to see this car in person.

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Vehicle None
Preis 68.000 Ref.: 565
Tachostand 3.113 km
Farbe White
Getriebe Automatic
Antrieb Rear
Motor 8 cylinder V 6.0L


Baujahr 1958
Marke Cadillac
Modell Coupe DeVille
Vehicle None
Sitzplätze 5
Türen 2
Antrieb Rear
Getriebe Automatic
Kraftstoff Gasoline
Hubraum (cm³) 5972
Hubraum (ci) 365
Motorstandort Front
Motortyp V
Hubraum (l) 6.0
Zylinder 8
Land United States