Jaguar XJS-C 5.3 V12 – 1986

We’ve known this XJS-C for a while.

He has been driving on the island for years and came across it for maintenance. For example, a few years ago the complete exhaust was replaced by a stainless steel system, we replaced the brakes and drove the car test. Beautiful dark green color, nice paint and as far as we have been able to check everything works.

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Prijs 13.450
Kilometers 106.100 km
Kleur Green
Kenteken Dutch
Transmissie Automatic
Aandrijving Rear
Motor 12 cylinder V 5.3L


Bouwjaar 1993
Merk Jaguar
Model XJS
Zitplaatsen 4
Deuren 2
Aandrijving Rear
Transmissietype Automatic
Brandstof Gasoline
Cilinderinhoud (ccm) 5343
Cilinderinhoud (cui) 326
Motor Locatie Front
Type motor V
Mororinhoud (L) 5.3
Aantal Cilinders 12
Vermogen (HP) 278
Vermogen (KW) 207
Engine Max Power (PS) 282
Land United Kingdom