Bugatti T35A replica – 1976

Fantastically beautiful Bugatti T35A replica. You have replicas of all shapes and classes. But this owner has gone to the extreme of what is possible on the basis of a VW Beetle. Basically it is a VW with 1300 engine, everything in perfect condition. A Ruska replica package was put on it with all options that were possible and then the owner made it even more detailed. Like a real aluminum dashboard, the exhaust, with 8 ports that disappear under the hood, the first of which transmits the sound of the engine very cool. He doesn’t even look like a VW boxer at all. It sounds heavy, and pops wonderfully when you let go of the gas. We took it with us on holiday behind our Fleur de Lys camper. I’m used to a lot in terms of views, but this really beats everything. Everyone raises their thumbs. And we have the greatest fun, because we drive a super reliable, easy to drive car that you can just park on the boulevard without a headache. By the way, 9 out of 10 people take a picture near the car. The large wheels make it very comfortable to drive and cruising at 100 km/h is very easy. Top is around 140 km/h.
The wheels are also a part that is forgotten on almost all replicas. These are super cool under the car. In the front under the hood are suitcases, and there is enough space for luggage. A cover is supplied with the car, see photo where it is on the trailer in front of the Louwman museum. The car has just had major maintenance.
The set including the camper with trailer is also for sale. Call us for more information.

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Price 33,500
Kilometers 38,467 km
Color Blue
Transmission Manual
Body ,
Drive Type Front
Engine 4 cylinder boxer 1.3L


Year 1976
Make Volkswagen
Model Beetle
Seats 2
Drive Type Front
Transmission Type Manual
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine Displacement (cc) 1283
Engine Displacement (ci) 78
Engine Location Front
Engine Type boxer
Engine (l) 1.3
Engine Cylinders 4
Country Germany