Harry Martens est la bête bleu

Accident is in a small corner

To go straight to the point: it went wrong. It went wrong during the fifth classification test “Kallenbroek” in the Central Netherlands Rally, on April 13th.

It was already evening, we were just on our way on the Kallenbroekerweg near Barneveld, when we no longer made a ‘pinching’ right turn and shot out of it to the left. And only a few meters further with a heavy blow came to a halt against a thick oak.

After the first shock we luckily found nothing wrong and we were able to safely leave the DS. Harry had to climb out of the window because the left door is aghast, but the right one was no problem and I could just get out.

And partly because we were not wrong, soon came the heavy, oppressive feeling that nevertheless happened that we always took into account. But our 18 events had been saved.

Major damage to the car, but also our ego, our trust. Because in your head the ‘film’ of the last corner starts to repeat itself, with the subtitle the question how this could happen?

And – quite strange – the question ‘how to proceed?’. How do we get out of here, how do we get home, how can we restore it, what does this mean for upcoming events, among others. in France and Austria.

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