Since its establishment in 2001, Superclassics has been the ultimate online resource for all classic car enthusiasts. Whether you own an Abarth or a Zastava, require battery replacements or complete restorations, or simply need some paintwork done on your beloved vintage vehicle, this platform is your go-to destination.

Superclassics takes immense pride in being recognized as the leading classic car portal, offering an exclusive range of services. Among its many features, this website provides a comprehensive directory of over 2900 brand specialists and 2500 experts, spanning across 340 categories and 60 countries. Each listing includes detailed information such as addresses, notes, and a direct link to the specialist’s website.

In addition to its extensive specialist database, Superclassics also offers a variety of other valuable resources. Visitors can explore an events calendar, stay updated on Classic Car Clubs, and discover the finest Classic Car museums worldwide. With its wealth of information and dedication to the classic car community, Superclassics remains unrivaled in its commitment to serving enthusiasts around the globe.

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