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Speed Centre Geldermalsen

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Are you curious about how your car performs? What is the power and torque?
Then Jaap van Wuijckhuijse is the right place for you. On his
power test bench we offer you the opportunity there in a professional manner
to find out. And that not only for ordinary cars but also for
racers, old timers and young timers. The major roles of the power test bench
are measured and are so large that they are an exact measurement
torque and power can take place. In addition, you get (run) from this measurement
a clear printout with explanation. And of course there is also the possibility
work directly on your car: adjusting the carburettors (Webers, Solex,
Dellortos: it doesn't matter), adjust the ignition, it
gasoline mixture and of course also adjusting LPG.
Holly, Edelbrock and SU carburettors are adjusted by us, nozzles and needles are replaced or the correct spark plugs are screwed in. Of course all in response to the measurements on the power test bench. But the fuel mixture can also be adjusted, just like the camshaft timing. All this to make it a well-functioning whole, which you can take home with satisfaction. You may have got the idea that this only concerns street monsters and racers: nothing could be further from the truth. The “normal” car can also go to Jaap, precisely because the factory setting is often not ideal for your car. In short: you can measure engine management and engine power with us, we diagnose, check and adjust. The power test bench shows you



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