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Engine Rebuilding – Enginerebuilding eu

MRM Classic Car Engine Rebuilders

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At engines revision Meijerink you find everything in for engine revision under one roof. We always treat engines and specific components with care and we are always trying to find the perfect solution for an engine. We look after engine revision tailored, for you or for your customer.

Motoren Revisie Meijerink is an Engine Reconditioning Company with much experience for reconditioning of old-timers and Exclusive cars. For the reconditioning of old-timer engines is not only an extended number of machines and engine parts necessary but also craftsmanship experience and creativity. The engineers from Motoren Revisie Meijerink have all obtained these skills.

You'll find our characteristics more closely in the pages which can be reached from the tool bar on the left. You can find examples of projects which we carried out in the past, to give an idea about the possibilities and the implementation of engine rehabilitation at Motoren Revisie Meijerink.


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Brinkstraat 128, 7512 EG Enschede, Netherlands

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