‘Green Light Law’ stopped Export New York registered vehicles

USA customs are blocking the export of all vehicles with a NY title nationwide. As of last Friday, February 7, 2020, the USA Customs and Border Protection Agency cannot connect to the DMV of the state of NY. Which makes it impossible to release vehicles with the title NY for export.

The reason for this is politics, which is related to the inability to communicate between the system of the DMV (New York) and the American customs office (Federal government) The State of New York is trying to protect the identity of illegal immigrants with NY driving licenses, and no longer shares access to its database with federal agencies.

This will have an impact, and we will evaluate this in the coming period. We advise at this point not to buy vehicles with a title from the state of NY. Certainly, until the situation is resolved. Please note that this applies to all USA charging ports in the USA, as soon as the vehicle has a NY State title it cannot be exported via other ports.

What we know so far is that a fine of +/- USD 1,000 will be imposed on shipping companies and local carriers for every container which is delivered with a NY title to whatever of the port in the USA. The container will be sent back to the shipper in these cases The Shipper might be able to help you with this issue and currently can offer you 3 options:

Option 1:
We can help owners with vehicles with a NY title over 25 years old to get another title through a legal process.
Our current estimate for this process is 5 to 15 business days in which we can submit the new title to USA Customs and export your vehicle from the same port as originally planned. This process entails significant costs and we estimate our spending around USD 1,000 / vehicle. Unfortunately, this option does not apply to vehicles produced after 1/1/1995 or salvage vehicles.

Option 2:
Rename vehicles manufactured after 1/1/1995, but the process is more complex and involves the transportation of your car throughout the USA. The costs are around USD 1,750 per vehicle.

Option 3:
Sell the vehicle at an American auction where you originally purchased it through the same dealer. We expect the car values can get a blow due to a flood of these NY vehicles at auctions. But this can also be to your advantage when the situation gets resolved.

If you own a vehicle with the title NY that you intended to export internationally, please contact one of the specialists on Superclassics.


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